Equave from Revlon Professional is the instant solution for all hair types. This is a 2-phase leave-in conditioner for normal to dry hair. The top phase detangles and gives shine to the hair. The lower one revitalizes and hydrates the hair, which will give it a nourished and softer appearance.

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Revlon Professional Equave, a range of convenient and easy-to-use formulas that provide instant detangling, conditioning and care, all at the same time.

• Light, bi-phase formula in spray format.
• The upper phase detangles the hair and adds shine.
• The lower phase revitalizes and hydrates the hair fiber, leaving the hair feeling nourished and supple.
• Detangles instantly and makes hair easier to style.
• Leaves hair hydrated, soft and shiny.
• Gives hair a silky smooth, light feel.

Revlon Professional Equave kids, a range of daily hair care products for children ages 3 to 12 with ingredients that are gentle on the hair and scalp and help solve common problems like split ends, tangles or dry, damaged hair.

• Its gentle keratin-enriched formula reduces tangling and prevents static electricity
• Kid’s hair conditioner cares for the hair and gives it incredible shine and a silky texture.
• Formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the hair and scalp.
• Reduces tangling and prevents static.
• Contains UVA/ UVB filter.
• Dermatologically tested

Produits Revlon

UniqOne hair treatment is a range of multi-benefit products offering professional hair results in no time. One product designed for all hair types.

The 10 multi-benefit experience

1. Repairs dry & damaged hair
2. Strengthens & reduces breakage
3. Conditions & detangles
4. Controls frizz
5. Instantly moisturizes
6. Heat protection 
7. Boosts shine & protects color with UVA and UVB filters
8. Softness & manageability
9. Helps to prevent split ends
10. Refreshes hairstyle